atlanta inflatable balloon rentalsAtlanta Inflatable Balloon Rental

Everyone knows the Atlanta Falcons. Shouldn’t they know your business? With Giant Promotion’s Atlanta inflatable balloon rental and a smart event marketing strategy, you can promote your restaurant, car dealership, holiday sale or special event with memorable advertising that is larger than life.

Atlanta inflatable balloon rentals are affordable and creative, less than the price of a newspaper print ad, driving eyeballs to your business and customers to your business.

Highly visible from in front of your store, Inflatable balloon rentals make great landmarks, and have shown to increase walk-in traffic by up to 50%. 

Made of heavy duty material, the giant balloons won’t fade in the sun or rain.

Need an eagle, King Kong, giant inflatable tire or raging bull? Getting your company mascot blown up for a smart event marketing strategy is easy, thanks to Giant Promotion’s expert craftsmen and technical innovations. More than 300 companies across the U.S. count on the Florida-based company’s expertise for clever inflatable balloons including:

If you are marketing in Atlanta, inflatable balloon rentals are an excellent choice. Atlanta is known for attracting large crowds and what better place to use larger than life outdoor promotional item than where the people are? Atlanta has a wide variety of smart event marketing strategies, but balloon rentals are still one of the most cost effective advertising means. You can make your business stand out to visiting tourists and locals with an Atlanta inflatable balloon rental.

Inflatable Advertising Balloon Specs:

atlanta inflatable balloon rentalsatlanta inflatable balloon rentalsGreen bull giant inflatable advertising balloon.

Godzilla Inflatable Balloon

Orange Blue Gator

Green Bull Inflatable

atlanta inflatable balloon rentalsatlanta inflatable balloon rentalsatlanta inflatable balloon rentals

Custom Printed Banners

Penguin Balloon

Red Wizard Inflatable

Blue kong giant inflatable advertising balloon.Patriotic eagle giant inflatable advertising balloon.Cold air balloon with custom banner giant inflatable advertising balloon.

King Kong Balloon

Red White Blue Eagle

18′ Hot Air Shape With Custom Banners