How can I use Bow Flags to Get MORE Customers?

Advertising is one of the many important components of a business.  Without advertising you have a difficult time putting your business in front of potential customers.  Advertising flags have been one method that businesses use and they LOVE them.  There are multiple types of advertising flags, but one of the best is called bow flags.  With that being said how can bow flags get you more customers?

bow flags

Bow Flags have an attractive size and shape!

It is no surprise that bow flags will have a curved (bow) look to them, but the great thing is that they come in three sizes:

These three sizes give great versatility in the different locations that you may intend on using these great advertising flags.  Giant Promotions recommends using the Extra Large Bow Flag outdoors.  This is the best method to use so that customers driving by will SEE your advertisement.

Bow Flags can send a message to your customers!

Bow flags may not have the largest surface area for you to put a message, but done right it can pack a punch.  Jef I. Richards said, “Creative without strategy is called ‘art.’ Creative with strategy is called ‘advertising’.”  So put your creativity to the test and get ready.  What makes an effective message?

Bow Flags are Easy for YOU to use and Cost Effective

The important question in the end is; “Can we afford to use this marketing product?”  The great thing about bow flags is that they can be used again and again.  They are designed to stand up to the elements and last a while so you do not have to keep spending loads of money on one advertising product.  Bow flags also have a simple setup process.

  1. Unpack your Bow Flag and put the flagpole together.
  2. Take out the ground swivel stake (standard stake that is included.  Other options available) and drive it into the dirt.
  3. Slide the feather banner onto flagpole.
  4. Secure the bungee cord on the bottom lip of the flagpole.
  5. Put the flagpole on the ground swivel stake.

In five simple steps you are ready to rock ‘n’ roll!


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