How to Choose the Right Feather Flag Vendor

The advertising that you do for your business is very important.  You want to make sure you are spending your money the right way.  Feather flags are very useful and cost effective marketing tools.  Feather flags are only as useful as their vendor is.  You want to make sure that you choose a reputable vendor with high quality products so you get the best “bang for your buck”.

Choose the Right Vendor Tip #1: Check Out Their Rental & Purchase Options

Some vendors have two options for you to choose from when getting feather flags.

This is a great choice for businesses that are having grand openings.  No business wants to pay a lot of money and only get a one-time use out of them.  When you are looking at the rental options be sure to check how long you get the feather flag(s) for and what the rental policy entails.

Purchasing feather flags seems to be the best choice for most businesses.  When you purchase feather flags make sure that your purchase includes:

Choose the Right Vendor Tip #2: Check Out Their Custom Options

When you are purchasing a custom feather flag you want to make sure that they have some special options.

Choose the Right Vendor Tip #3: Check Out Their Design & Sizes

Most feather flags come in three sizes:

When you are choosing the right size you want to make that the company you choose uses high quality material.

What Giant Promotions Offers for Feather Flags

Giant Promotions proudly complies with all of the criteria that we have listed above.  Giant Promotions also offers bulk discounts.  Giant Promotions also has no setup or design fees for our Feather Flags.


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