Feather Flags Advertising 101: Choosing a Custom

Feather Flag

Feather flags are one of the most sustainable tools for outdoor advertisings.  Feather flags have are used daily by a variety of businesses to attract new customers to their front door.  The main question though is: how do I choose the right custom feather flag for my business?  Look no further, because we can help your business pick the right feather banner.


feather bannersFeather Flags Advertising Tip #1: Choose a Custom Feather Flag Size to Get Your Business Noticed!

Feather flags come in a variety of sizes and sometimes it is difficult to pick the right size to match your storefront.  Here are some helpful things to remember when picking a feather flag.

Generally speaking, businesses that are the size of a convenience store or smaller should use small to medium size feather flags.

If the business is located on a major highway you want to have great visibility.

When you have a lot of space between your storefront and the road you need a larger feather flag so it can be seen from the road.


Feather Flags Advertising Tip #2: Choose A Custom Feather Flag Message to Get Noticed!

Picking a message for your custom feather flag is the MOST important thing to do.  There are a few things to remember when putting a message on a custom feather flag.

When putting a message on a feather flag you don’t have a huge amount of real estate for wording so try to keep it short.

Be straightforward with your message.  With little space and people driving by you have a small window of time for them to get your message.

When used right, feather flags will be one of the greatest tools you have in your advertising arsenal.  Feather flags are economical, easy to use, and will catch the eye of all potential customers passing by.


Feather banners may be one the easiest outdoor adverting tool to use, but have you tried one of our Sale in a Box Kits

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