Feather Signs – Use Custom Feather Flags for your


Custom feather flags are one of the best outdoor advertising products available in the advertising industry today.  These feather flags have many benefits from price to the message that you put on the feather flag.

Feather Signs: Custom Feather Flag Message

The great thing about purchasing a custom feather flag is the option to choose your own custom message to relay to your customers. Some great things you can advertise are:

  • Now Open
  • ProductsUsed Cars Flags
  • Services
  • Sales Events

These are just some of the many uses for feather flags.   When using a custom feather flag keep a few things in your mind for the wording that you put on the feather flag.

  • Be Precise – Be straight forward with what you’re advertising to your customers
  • Keep it Simple – Don’t put too many words on the sign so people can see it as they are driving down the road
  • Colors – Pick colors that will stand out and attract customers to your business.

Feather Signs: Custom Feather Flag Price & Quality

All of our custom feather flags are made to high standards so that they will stand up to the elements.  Our feather flags:

  • Are made out of high quality polyester material
  • Have a reinforced strip for the feather flag pole
  • Are true double-sided printing
  • Use most up-to-date dye sublimated technology

These feather flags are all made to high standards.  Our custom printed feather flags start at $199 for one.  This price includes: one pole and a swivel stake.  Contact one of our sales representatives for bulk discounts.

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