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Feather Swooper Flags

Feather Swooper Flags are an excellent low cost business marketing product.  Easy to install and maintain, these colorful eyecatchers will help increase business beginning the first day.  Strategically positioned next to the road or by your store, flags impress your business in the customer’s mind.   Great for brand marketing with your company logo.  Extremely economical for small businesses that want great exposure, possible uses include: Trade shows, temporary signage, short term events, marketing POS, plaza stores, automotive dealership front lines, sporting events,… you get the picture.

Benefits of Feather Swooper Flags:

Feather Swooper Flag Specs:

Material: Polyester w/optional lamination
Sold as complete kits with a pole, flag and ground stake with 360 degree swivel bearing.


True double sided printing – message reads correctly on both sides! Each side can have a different image! Order additional flags for changing messages!
Feather Style Sizes         Teardrop Style Sizes
9′ Standard                         7′ Standard
12′ Large                             9′ Large
15′ Extra Large
Super sale tampa feather flags.Grand opening tampa feather flags.Super sale feather flags.

Feather Flags and Air Dancers

Grand Opening Feather Flags

Flags for Super Sale Event

Super sale feather flags.Super sale feather flags.Custom printed feather flags.

Feather Flags at Auto Dealer

Custom Printed Flag Display

Custom Printed Flags 


Florida player tear drop flagsmall feather and tear drop flagsGrand opening swooper flag

Florida Players Tour standard Teardrop flag

Standard Teardrop and Feather flag

 Grand Opening Teardrop/swooper flag



Small, medium, and large feather flagsWe buy gold flagsSeafood feather flag

Feather flags come in 15′ Extra Large, 12′ Large, and 9′ standard sizes

We buy gold flags

Seafood feather flag

Pasta feather flagPizza feather flag

Pasta feather flag

Pizza feather flag

Teardrop flags come in 7′ standard and 9′ large sizes


 feather flags in action

Feather Flags

Feather flags, also known as swooper flags or feather banners are perhaps the simplest marketing tool available.  Because of these flags’ simplicity, the overall cost is low, even with custom printing. They are simple in design and easy to use.

Design: Feather flags are made of a weather-proof polyester with the option of having it coated with a lamination giving it a sheen.  Either way, these flags are made to stand up to sun, wind, rain, and snow for a long time.  They can easily be made out of any color, but they are most often made with bright, eye-catching colors to maximize on their attention-grabbing potential.   Obviously, the taller the flag set-up, the more attention it will draw.  However, smaller swooper flags work as a great addition to other outdoor marketing products by complimenting business signs and promotional banners without competing or blocking the view of the storefront.

The Message: Because of their tall and thin design, feather flags usually work best with a short, simple message printed on them.  Stock swooper flags can be rented with standard messages, such as “Super Sale”, “Mega Sale” and “Grand Opening”.  Other messages may be printed with the name of a product the company provides, such as “Flowers”, “Insurance”, or “Car Repair”.  This type of message can either be rented or purchased.  The initial cost will more than pay for itself as these types of messages will never go out of style as long as the company is open for business, meaning they can be used many times over.  Custom printed flags are also a great addition to any logo branding campaign.  With their low cost, it is not a burden to businesses to order multiple flags with multiple custom printed messages.

Installation: As feather flags are very simple in their design, they are also simple in their installation.  These flags, with their tall, thin size means there is practically no weight to support.  Swooper flags need a pole to be attached to so that the wind can catch them.  The poles have several support and grounding options.  First, they can be put directly into the ground with the use of a spike.  This is often the most secure option for the extremely windy days, however it does require soft ground. Other options include the option for solid surfaces such as asphalt or gravel, by setting up the sweep flags with an angled bracket.  This option can be made as secure as the first option by adding weight to the angle of the stand on plane with the ground.  Common options are sand bags or the wheel of a car.  Because of their dimensions, these are also a great option when advertising or highly visible road-side space is limited.  These two grounding options as well as multiple others allow for them to be place anywhere at anytime very quickly.


Feather flags in action

Why a Business Needs to Use Swooper Flags

Image and first impressions are very important in advertising.  Clean, neat, professional, and quality marketing is important to every business.  However, for companies whose business is image, their advertising needs to be beyond good to absolutely stellar.  The first step in outdoor advertising is for the business logo and official business sign to be expertly designed and completely unique.  These are the permanent fingerprints of a business that need to be prized and on display.  After that, all other outdoor advertising is simply “icing on the cake”.

Whether a business is just starting out, or is in need of a marketing make-over, a favorite way of adding to the professional appearance is with the use of swooper flags.  These are a favorite because they are simple yet informative, eye-catching but not over-powering, and easy to use without looking cheap.
1. Simple Wording

Because feather flags provide a tall and thin space for advertising, it is unusual to see more than one word, service, or product printed each one.  Some popular examples for feather flags used by businesses are “Super Sale”, “Grand Opening” or “Mega Sale”, etc.  Advertising the basic products and services are always a good idea, but what is extra important is to market are the unique and unusual products and services offered.  The best idea would be to have swoop flags custom printed with those products and services that potential customers cannot find anywhere else.  Whether a business is an exclusive provider of a specific product (or at least one that can’t be found for many miles around) or offers more services than other businesses those “extra” offers should be specified by being clearly and proudly displayed on their own individual swooper flag.
2. Easily Interchangeable

As mentioned, swooper flags are a very simple form of advertising, beyond just the to-the-point wording and text.  Feather flags are also simple because of their design and set-up.  Requiring no professional installation is what makes this form of marketing so simple.  Usually, any member of the company team can set-up, take down, or change-out these flags in a matter of minutes.  This allows for many different areas of specials, sales, and deals to be marketed immediately and as often as needed.


DELIVERY and INSTALLATION:  Our delivery areas cover all of Central and North Florida including Tallahassee, Jacksonville, Gainesville, Ocala, Tampa Bay, Fort Myers, Naples, Orlando, Titusville, Palm Bay, Vero Beach, and in between.  For locations not located in our delivery areas, please call, as we make arrangements for shipping and installation for you.

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