Feather Flags – Four Things You Need to Know

for Your Next Event

Are you getting ready for your next promotional event?  Planning on doing some outdoor advertising to help kick off this event?  If you are going to be using feather flags there are four simple things you need to remember.

Feather Flags Tip #1: Design it Rightcustom feather flags

Pick the right design for your feather flags to make sure that your potential customers understand your message.

  • Be precise – Make an ad that is straight to the point
  • Keep it short – A short message is easier for the customer to read driving by
  • Pick complimentary colors – Pick colors to match your business brand or store front

Feather Flags Tip #2: Order Timing

When you are planning an event and you plan on ordering feather flags make sure you have adequate time.  Place your order roughly one month before the date you need the feather flags.  This allows for:

  • Design Time
  • Proof Time
  • Production Time
  • Shipping Time

If you do not order early enough you will not have feather flags in time for your promotional event.

Feather Flags Tip #3: Place Your Feather Flags Where They’ll be Seen

You want to make sure that everyone driving by sees your feather flags so that they will come to your event.

  • Place your flags close to the road so people driving by will see them
  • Use an extra large feather flag (15’ tall) to maximize visibility.

Feather Flags Tip #4: Use Your Feather Flags Again!

Feather flags are great for events because they can be used again and again.   Feather flags have great shelf life for your business.  They can withstand the elements and have true double-sided printing.

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