Sale in a Box: Monthly Advertising Guide

There are many things that take up time when you are running or managing a business.  One of the things you shouldn’t have to worry about is when you should have your next event with a sale in a box.  Go ahead and save this easy to use guide as a reminder of what holidays are coming up and what you should do to be ready.


As we all know January starts the beginning of a new year.  With this new year comes many people with new year resolutions.  This means that you can play to the fact that people are trying to “better themselves”.  Also, you can use any type of winter savings event idea with a sale in a box.


Valentines Day.  This is one of the largest U.S. holidays that are marketed.  Valentines Day is a great time to show how much you love your customers.  Make sure to emphasize on the Valentines Day theme during February.  Another special time to take note of is Black History Month.


During March you have a prime Irish Holiday that many people love to celebrate.  Maximize your business during March with a St. Patrick’s Day Savings Sale in a Box.  Catch all of your customer’s attention with an eye-catching marketing tool.  Don’t forget about March Madness.  Many restaurants and sports-bars can advertise savings and deals during this time.


In April you have Easter.  During the Easter holiday people tend to buy lots of chocolate, cards, baskets, etc.  We can’t forget about the tax season though.  Don’t be afraid to advertise Tax Time Deals.  You can use our Tax Time Deals Sale in a Box to start you out.

Maysale in a box

In the beginning of May you can start out with “Cinco De Mayo”, the fifth of May.  This is a very big Spanish holiday.  Throughout May start marketing any summer savings that way your business is in front of your customers.  Memorial Day is another time that people tends to push large sales.  Most car dealerships have major sales on Memorial Day.  For your next Memorial Day event use our Memorial Day Sale in a Box.


June starts the beginning of summer.  You want to make sure to get all of the summer savings advertising that you can.  Use any type of summer savings or summer event that you have.  Try our Hot Deals Cool Savings Sale in a Box!


Of course July has one of the largest holidays.  The 4th of July is celebrated with many different things, and most businesses have large sales events during July.  Try the Red, White, & Blue Sale in a Box for your Independence Day Sale!


In August people start preparing for all of their back to school events.  With all of this happening you should maximize on the back to school savings events.  Be prepared to also prep for any Fall Savings events.  You can try one of our Fall into Savings Sale in a Box Kits.


In September you have Labor Day.  You can go ahead and try out the Red, White, & Blue Sale in a Box for your next Labor Day sale.

sale in a box


During October you can break out the fun and scary.  October means Halloween is right around the corner at the end of the month. During Halloween you can break out our Spook-tacular Savings Sale in a Box.


It’s Thanksgiving time!  In November go ahead and advertise anything and everything that you have for your black Friday sale and your Thanksgiving sales.


The last month of the year! In December you’ve got Christmas to content with.  Even though Christmas is here, don’t forget about year-end closeout deals if you’re a car dealer.  Check out our Closeout Deals Sale in a Box.



If you have any questions about any of these things call Giant Promotions today at (888) 781-8300 to help you with all of your marketing needs.