Sale in a Box Kits – Why Outdoor Advertising is Important

 Outdoor advertising is the leading method to advertise your business.  People are always in their cars and they are always on the move.  People have more “windshield time” now than they have in years past.  This is why it’s important to use outdoor advertising for your business.  Sale in a box kits are a great, cost effective way to advertise your business without breaking the bank.

Use Sale in a Box Kits to Get the Attention of People Driving by

People are always traveling around in today’s age going; to the store, work, dropping kids off, picking up kids, etc.  This means that outdoor advertising is extremely important.  The graph below shows the amount of time (in hours) people spend in cars from the Arbitron Nation In-Car Study.

average time in a car survey

This graph shows us that people spend on average 2-3 hours in their car per day.

This goes to show that your potential customers are driving by everyday on their way to their next destination.  By using a sale in a box kit you can reach those potential customers with excellent outdoor advertising products.

Use Sale in a Box Kits to Attract Customers to Buy Your Product

Now that we know how important outdoor marketing is to your business, we know that every business needs to be putting their product out there for their potential customers to see.  The graph below shows the percentages for how often people make decisions on what they’re going to buy in their vehicle.

buying decisions

Sale in a box kits are great to attract customer’s attention.  The standard kit includes:


Don’t get stuck behind your competition.  Put your products or services out in front of your potential customers driving by.


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