What is a Sale in a Box?

Outdoor advertising is constantly evolving and enhancing.  New products are being created and your business has the potential to benefit from this.  One of the most intuitive and cost effective outdoor advertising products is a Sale in a Box.  Sale in a Box kits have been around for a some time now, and are great for many different businesses.

What is in a Sale in a Box?sale in a box

The great thing about a Sale in a Box Kit is that it is completely customizable!  You can add as many or as little of the items listed in the standard sale in a box.

Standard Sale in a Box Kits Include:

  • 2 2′ x 10′ Banners
  • 360 17” Balloons
  • 2 60′ Pennant Streamers
  • 6 Step Stake Curb Signs
  • 2 36″ Cloud Buster Balloons
  • 1 12″ – 300″ “SALE” Streamer

Sale in a Box kits come in a variety of themes.  Giant Promotions has over 20 Sale in a Box themes for you to choose from.

Why should I use a Sale in a Box?

The outdoor advertising world is always changing.  With that being said there are always new products, but one thing stays the same.  People are CONSTANTLY driving past your business.  With that being said…

  • Windshield Time – people are driving by your business everyday and you need something that stands out
  • Get Noticed – An important thing to remember is “A business with no signs… is a sign of no business”

Keeping your business in the front of your customers mind is critical to “making the sale”.  If potential customers do not even notice your business you’re done.  Make sure to keep your business in the front of your customers’ minds!


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