Bow Flags – Easy to Use Advertising Flags 

Advertising flags are extremely versatile outdoor marketing tool.  When you are preparing for your next sales event, or you just want to advertise your business advertising flags cannot be overlooked.  Bow flags are one of the styles of advertising flags out there.

Bow Flags – Style and Design

Bow flags have a curved shaped to them.  The best description of a bow flag is an “upside down teardrop”.  Another name for these advertising flags is teardrop flags.  The bow flags come in three sizes:

  • Standard 7’ Bow Flag
  • Large 10’ Bow Flagadvertising flags
  • X-Large 15’ Bow Flag

All of Giant Promotions advertising flags (including Bow Flags) are made out of high quality polyester material to withstand:

  • Sun
  • Wind
  • Rain
  • Etc.

Bow Flags – Get a Custom Advertising Flag

When you are designing a custom bow flag you of course want to have bright,eye-catching colors, on your bow flags.  As usual the larger the bow flag the more attention you will get.  When designing a custom bow flag remember these key thoughts.

  • Use bright eye-catching colors (you can also try to match your business color scheme)
  • Pick the right size flag for your location (if you’re indoors at a tradeshow you can use a standard flag. If you’re outdoors you need a Large/X-Large flag)
  • Use a Simple Message (Be straightforward with your advertisement and product/service offered)

Bow Flags – Simple Installation

All of our advertising flags have a simple installation process that takes less than ten minutes.  When you get a bow flag you get three pieces;

  • Bow Flag Banner
  • Bow Flag Pole
  • Ground Swivel Stake (This is the standard stake that is included.  Other stake options available upon request and purchase)

To start the process all you must do it put together your bow flagpole, it will click together and it’s ready to use.  Next, simply slide the feather banner onto the flagpole and secure the bungee cord to the bottom lip of the pole.  Drive your stake into the ground and set your flagpole.  You’re Done!

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