Tent Rentals: Which One Should I Use for my Sales Event?

When you are preparing for your next big sale or promotional event consider using a tent rental to help draw in customers and provide an area for your event to display selected products.  Tent rentals can be valuable marketing assets if you use it right.  Over the years the amount of different styles and designs of tent rentals have grown.  Look below and you’ll get some help on deciding what kind of tent you should use.

Picking a Tent Rental –  Star Tents

Star tents are unique style tents that have one pole in the center and have panels going out that give it the appearance of a star.   This tent rental’s unique design draws attention to your business.  While these tent rentals are not the most practical for usability if you are hosting and event outdoors, they will catch the attention of people driving by.  The star tent can also have extra graphics such as logos put on the front of it.  These tents provide little usable space, but are great advertising tools to draw customers to your business.

Picking a Tent Rental – Pole Tents (or Frame Tents)

Pole tents and frame tents are a great tent rental to use for larger gatherings outdoors.  Pole tents and frame tents are virtually the same, except that pole tents will have a center pole inside because of their size.   These tent rentals are a great way to protect your outdoor event from the elements.  These tent rentals range from 20×20 feet to as much as 40×100 feet.  This tent rental is great for large groups or outdoor events that you will need coverage for.   They provide protection from the elements all while maintaining the advertising usability.

Picking a Tent Rental – High Peak Tents

High peak tent rentals are perfect little advertising tents.  The two main sizes for these tent rentals

are 15×15 feet and 20×20 feet.  High peak tents have different design messages that can be put on them.  A high peak tent rental attracts customers while giving you a smaller space to use.  High peak tent rental stock messages generally include “super sale” or “mega sale” type graphics.


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