Feather Signs – Why Your Business Needs

Feather Flags

Have you taken a look at your business’s outdoor marketing strategy lately?  More and more people are on the road today, and that means more potential customers are driving by your business.  Are these potential customers noticing your business? If you are not being noticed, you are loosing customers. Feather flags could be one of the greatest marketing tools created, and can help you get noticed by your customers driving by.  Feather signs are easy to use, customizable, and easy on your budget.

Feather Flags can be Customized to Match Your Business

Feather signs can be customized to each business that chooses to use them.  With the feather flag’s great visibility you can get your message seen clearly by many customers driving by.  You can use feather flags to advertise:

  • Products
  • Services Offered
  • Promotional Events
  • And more!

There are just a few things to remember when putting your message on a feather flag:

  • Keep your message simple. – People are driving by your feather flag, which means they do not have a lot of time to read it.
  • Be precise – Advertise specific products or services so your customers have a clear image of what is being offered.

Feather Flags have Multiple Sizes to Choose From

Feather flags come in three sizes for you to choose from so that you can get the right size and advertise for your business.

These sizes are:

  • 9’ tall feather flag
  • 12’ tall feather flag
  • 15’ tall feather flag

The feather flag sizes are very useful because you can use a fifteen-foot tall flag to advertise your business by the road, and use a nine-foot tall flag at a trade show.  The large feather flag (15’ tall) is a great choice to use by the road because:

  • Size – People driving by can see a larger feather flag much better than a small feather flag.
  • Eye Catching! Large feather flags are eye catching and get the attention of customers driving by.
  • Precision – Feather flags are very straightforward in their advertising because you can present a clear message of the product or service you are offering.

Feather signs grab the attention of your customers, so that you can show them what you have to offer.  These feather flags are great for any business to use and their extremely economical.  Your business could start benefitting from feather flags immediately!

Feather signs are just one of the many great outdoor advertising products, but have you heard about our Sale in a Box Kits?


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