Feather Signs – Key Benefits

Are you looking for a different way to approach your outdoor marketing?  Try feather flags! Feather flags have a unique and professional looking design that will blow you away.  These feather signs are constructed of high quality material and are made to last.  Feather signs have many benefits that will help out a business.

Feather Signs Benefit #1 – Cost

Feather flags are relative low cost.  Low cost does NOT mean low quality.  Every business wants an outdoor marketing product that will actually last.  Feather Signs are:

  • Made out of high quality polyester material
  • Printed on with high quality ink to reduce fading from the sun
  • Made to withstand the elements
  • Made to have a longer lifespan.

Feather Signs Benefit #2 – Customization

You can either purchase or rent stock feather flags with

custom feather flags

generic words or phrases on them or you could purchase a custom feather flag.  Custom feather flags have many benefits including:

  • Personalized Message – Instead of just having a boring feather flag that says “sale” you can have one that is directly related to your product or service.
  • Colors – You have the options to pick colors that match or compliment the color scheme of your business.

Feather Signs Benefit #3 – Size

Feather flags comes in three sizes:

  • 9’ tall feather flag
  • 12’ tall feather flag
  • 15’ tall feather flag

The beauty of having these three sizes is the versatility that comes with it.  Feather flags range from great outdoor use to indoor use at sales events, trade shows, and more.  These sizes make it to where you can use them virtually anywhere.  The large (15’ tall feather flag) is an excellent choice to use by a major highway, because:

  • You have large display area for people to see.
  • You have a large, clear and straightforward, message directed at your potential customers.


Feather signs are great outdoor and indoor marketing advertising tools because of their wonderful versatility for any business.  These key benefits will help your business drive new customers to your storefront.


Feather signs are quick and easy to use, but have you heard about our Sale in a Box Kits?

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