orlando tent rentalOrlando Tent Rental

Orlando Tent Rental; for weddings, sales event, party times, birthday parties, providing cover from rain, shade from the sun, and advertising for your business.  When considering your sales events, include marketing printed tents and canopies.  These “billboards” are sure to draw the attention of your potential customers as they approach your business.  Spice up your birthday party with a custom printed tent top.  Tents range in size from a small 10×10 canopy, to large 40×100 tents.  Choose from our stock tents and canopies, or we can print them to your specifications, for either rental or purchase.  Yes, we have custom print tent rentals!

Orlando Tent Rental Benefits:

DELIVERY and INSTALLATION: Our direct service areas cover a portion of Central and North Florida. For locations not located in our delivery areas, we offer a nationwide drop-ship program.

Super sale custom tentTwin mega sale tentsCustom american flag tent

15×15 Printed Canopy Tent

Twin Mega Sale Tents 15×15

American Flag Custom Tent

Black and orange tentRed and white tentBlue and white high peak tent

Custom Black and Orange Tent

Automotive Sales Event Tent

40 x 100 High Peak Tent

Blue and white high peak tentInside tentMega sale tent

40×40 High Peak Pole Tent

Interior of Tent

Mega Sale Canopy 15×15

Super sale custom tentRed and white frame tentSuper sale tent

Custom Printed Tent Canopies

30×50 Sales Event Frame Tent

 Super Sale Event Canopy

American flag canopy tentGrand opening tentRe stocking sale tent

15×30 American Flag Tent Canopy

20×20 Grand Opening Tent Canopy

 Restock Sale Event Tent Canopy

Orlando Tent Rental: Increase Customers and Revenue

Businesses in Central Florida, that would like eye-popping and attention-getting outdoor advertisements to pull in customers, can’t go wrong with an Orlando tent rental. The benefits of outdoor advertising, using tents as well as promotional balloons, can make for a cost-saving and quite effective campaign. To increase the amount of customers coming into a business, an outdoor tent can do wonders for improving the visibility of a business.

Orlando is a Popular Tourist Destination

Orlando boasts some of the largest tourist trade and vehicle traffic with cars and buses at the top of the list. One of the benefits of outdoor advertising is taking advantage of this out-of-town potential customer base. Tourists are traveling throughout the Orlando area to visit the numerous attractions such as Disneyworld, and the increased traffic meansmore customers that can be tapped by using an Orlando tent rental. A tent strategically placed on a business property will draw attention and pull in customers that other forms of advertising may not reach.

Orlando Has Nice Mild Weather Year Round

The benefits of outdoor advertising are numerous and particularly suited to the Florida area. The warm and sunny weather that is common all year-round make an Orlando tent rental a good choice. Tent rentals and coordinating promotions can be planned year-round. The tourist trade, coupled with the highly populated Orlando metro city area, makes this a high producing advertising campaign any time of year.

A tent protects goods placed under it from any elements such as the sun and the occasional rain. Tents encourage customers to visit the outdoor sales area while protecting them from the sun, thus encouraging browsing. It is then a few short steps away for them to notice the business and visit the indoor store.

Orlando Tent Rental: Low Cost and Keeps You Advertisements Fresh

Rentals are a low cost way to keep the outdoor advertising areas looking fresh and new. Tent rentals can be changed for little expense and keep the outside of a business looking different, while standing out from surrounding businesses that use conventional advertising. Catching customers’ attention and raising curiosity for them to visit is highly increased by using tents. Potential customers can park and visit in a conveniently located outdoor tent area that is close to the street. This higher level of convenience means more customers browsing and more sales.

Orlando Tent Rental: Sizes & Colors

Tent rentals come in a variety of sizes and colors to suit any type of business. Tents are available in custom and stock styles. A custom tent can be ordered that has a banner or logo. Rentals have a wide range of styles. A long-term campaign can be designed that will utilize the choices available to change the look and feel of an outdoor business area, at an affordable price.

The weather for Orlando tent rentals combined with the tourist traffic and the eye-catching appeal of tents, make tent rentals a great choice for increasing customers. The ability to change tents and the professional installation add to making tents an easy, flexible choice. The benefits of outdoor advertising using Orlando tent rentals are recognized and utilized by businesses that see more customers and more revenue.

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