Feather flags are an outdoor advertising product that you simply cannot overlook.  Feather flags will help you increase traffic to your business from the first day you set them out.  An important question that you have to ask yourself though is “Should I rent or purchase feather flags?” This is very important to think about before investing into advertising with feather flags.

Feather Flags : Rent a Feather Flag!

custom feather flags

Some businesses choose to rent feather flags for a specific event, instead of purchasing custom feather flags.  Giant Promotions is one of the very few companies that offer a rental option for feather flags.  Renting feather flags can be a great thing for certain events that you will not have again.  For example a business may choose to rent feather flags for their grand opening instead of purchasing custom feather flags.

Giant Promotions’ Stock Designs Include:

  • Grand Opening
  • Mega Sale
  • Super Sale

Feather Flags: Buy Custom Feather Flags for YOUR Business!

Purchasing a feather flag can be a great option for your business. Feather flags have many benefits that will help promote your business.

  • Branding – You can use feather flags to help brand your business so people will recognize it
  • Usability – Feather flags are extremely easy to setup and takes no time at all.
  • Re-Use – Re-use your feather flags again and again
  • Durability – These feather flags are printed on a sturdy material so that they can stand up to the elements

Here is some technically information about our feather flags.

Quick Specs:

  • True Double Sided Printing

This means that the flag will read correctly from both sides.

  • Fully Customizable

All feather flags that are purchased can be designed anyway you like at no extra cost.

  • Three Sizes to Choose From
    • Standard (9’ tall)
    • Large (12’ tall)
    • Extra Large (15’ tall)

Feather Flags: Rent or Purchase Conclusion

In the end it comes down to two things; the event that you are having and what you can afford.  Giant Promotions recommends purchasing custom feather flags to promote your business with an advertisement that is specific to your products or services.  We know that all businesses cannot purchase feather flags or choose not to, so we still have feather flags available for rentals.  Our goal is to help your business succeed in all aspects.


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