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Advertising Your Tax Accounting Service Company

Advertising Your Tax and Accounting Service

As the saying goes, only two things are certain: death and taxes. And like Christmas, Thanksgiving, and birthdays, taxes come only once a year. But unlike holidays and celebrations, people dread the coming of tax season, and when they can put it off no longer, they then go looking for help. When someone dreads something they want to get it done as quickly as possible, and for those looking for accounting services, they are in no less of a hurry. Of course, some people just plain forget about tax season and don’t remember to file their taxes until the very last minute. Time constraints and forgetfulness both result in potential customers being in a hurry. When clients are in a hurry they don’t want to take long to find a solution, meaning they want the answer to come find them. You need some marketing ideas for promoting your accounting services company so that those looking for your services can easily and quickly find you. Because tax season only comes once a year, for most of your return clients, it has been 12 months since they have walked through your doors. This means 12 months of visiting hundreds of other places besides your business. There are 12 months worth of memories between last tax season and the current need for a tax preparer, or CPA. In other words, most of your clients from last tax season have probably forgotten exactly where you are. Here are some tax CPA marketing ideas to remind last year’s clients of where you are located as well as attract new clients.

Customized Banners

Banners are the most popular way for outdoor, on-sight advertising. Having a customized banner made is a great way to go because it is a personalized marketing idea for your CPA business. These should be made and hung as soon as possible. Your customized banner should clearly and simply read that you offer accounting services, are now open for tax season, and are offering fast tax return help at a reasonable price. The reason customized banners are so popular is that they are easy to hang, leave very little permanent damage, and if stored correctly, can be used for many years of tax seasons and CPA marketing in a row.

Giant Balloon Rentals

For those who are looking to take their accounting services marketing strategy to the next level, there are giant balloon rentals. Giant balloon rentals are like mobile billboards that your personalized banners can be hung from. This is often a way to get your CPA marketing sign closer to the road and to present it in a way that is a bit more eye-catching. This means those driving by who may have forgotten or never known where you are located will be more likely to know where you are and that you are open for business.

Feather Flags

A third option is to use feather flags. Feather flags are popular because they are just as customizable as banners and are also very easy to strategically place. These are another great marketing idea for your accounting service because, they also can be used and then stored for many years. The down side to feather flags is that they are not as large as an inflatable balloon or a customized banner, meaning there is less room for text. But because they are flags and can be placed virtually anywhere, they are perfect for attracting attention.