Why is Creative Outdoor Business


Advertising so Important?


Home may be where the heart is, but the majority of people spend the majority of their time outside of their homes. The amount of time people spend inside their homes has changed over the years. As that “home” time has decreased, traditional methods of advertising such as TV and newspaper ads no longer reach as many people. And, with the addition of television recording devices, online video streaming, and the decrease in morning newspapers, the likelihood of a television or printed ad being effectively viewed dropped even further. The flip side of all this means that people are spending more time outside their homes. It doesn’t mean they are consuming less business advertising, just that the delivery methods have to change. More people outside their homes means more people driving by your store front, more people consuming outdoor business advertising.
But of course, any good business advertising man knows that this also has created an advertising overload in many people’s minds. There is a lot of competition that your business is trying to stand apart from, a lot of clutter and noise your company needs to break through in order to reach new potential customers. Because of these technological advances and feeling over-loaded, people have begun to pick and choose what business advertising they will accept and what they will reject. But there is still one form of advertising that people find very difficult to reject, even if they want to. That is creative outdoor advertising through a giant inflatable or large balloon. That is because people will always have a hard time turning away from things that are original, unique, and one-of-a-kind.
Creative Outdoor Advertising: Inflatables and Balloon Shapes
Giant inflatable balloons are not as effected by the economic struggles as other forms of advertising. This is because people still have to go outside their homes for work, school, grocery shopping, and a host of other things that are necessary for life. On the other hand, magazines and 300 channels on cable are not vital to survival (though their children may think so). So in the end, large balloon shapes still reach their intended audience. But the value of a large balloon doesn’t stop there. Because inflatables can be made into almost any shape, these balloon shapes are much more eye-catching than a plain billboard or vinyl banner. Custom balloon shapes have the potential to cut through the overwhelming amounts of business advertising people are subjected to that was previously mention, giving a company an extra edge during these difficult economic times.
In the end, creative outdoor advertising is not just being consumer smart, it’s also being fiscally responsible, one of the best monetary investments that can be made in business advertising. Television, radio, and printed advertising rates are continuing to rise­­­ even as fewer people are viewing them. This is not the case for the prices of giant inflatables and large balloons. Balloon shapes have more people coming in contact with them than ever before, but most balloon company prices have not risen.