Why Choose an Air Dancer Rental

Any business that has walk-in traffic knows the importance of outdoor advertising.  It can be difficult to keep your business in the front of your customers’ minds when they are thinking about your product/service.  Choosing an air dancer rental can help make this a little easier.

What is an Air Dancer?

If you are unsure what an air dancer is don’t worry.  An air dancer is a fabric sleeve or shape that is attached to a blower to display a message to your potential customers.  When you choose an air dancer rental you get two components; the blower and the sleeve that attaches to the blower to display your message.  Giant Promotions offers tube towers, arrows, multi arm tube towers, and multi arm air dancer rentals. When you get an air dancer rental from Giant Promotions you get multiple stock designs to choose from.

Designs Include:

air dancer rental

Why is an Air Dancer Rental Effective?

Advertising is always changing.  With online media, mailers, email marketing, and more you have to stay on top of everything so customers will find your business instead of the competition.  Even with all of this change there is still a constant: people are always driving.  Since people are always driving to work, the store, school, etc. they have a hefty amount of “windshield time”.  This is where an air dancer rental comes to play; you manage to display your business to your potential customers.  Use an air dancer rental to gain your customers’ attention and bring them to your business!


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